Failsafe's first compilation released to stop the waste of good local material that wasn't making it to vinyl and thus not seeing the light of day. Contains 27 full-length tracks from most of the best bands in Christchurch from 1981 - 85. All tracks were previously unreleased or unavaliable.

The Gordons
The Gordons
The Triffids

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Gordons - Machine Song
Johnnies - Gov't Don't Care
Unauthorised - Militant Takeover
Evasive Action - Agony
YFC - Anthem
Desperate Measures - City Life
Androidss - Mr Fish
Solitudes - Home Again
Alien - Charade
Shaft - Imagination
En Can MA - Eat Shit
Dance Channel - Social Life
Wang - Getting Ever So Slightly Better Pt II dub.
Not Really Anything - Glow
The World - The Mystery
The Bats - Get Fat
The Triffids - Hideout
Venetians - Suspect
They Were Expendable - Head For The Hills
Playthings - Monastic
Ballon d'Essai - Modern Days
Pin Group - Low Rider
Newtones - All Over The World
Channel Four - You Were The One
Clients - 20th Century Allergy
Heamogoblins - Resurrection Now
AD - Duty Theme


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