The second mega compilation containing 23 tracks from New Zealand bands, previously unreleased, unavailable elsewhere, lots of Flying Nun bands making special outings just for this release.

The Chills
Sneaky Feelings
The Chills
Sneaky Feelings

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 Bird Nest Roys - Love Your Alien
The Stones - Route 69
Heartland - Snow
Sneaky Feelings - Take The Darkness
Desperate Tricycles - If Only I Could Die And Love You Still
Lions And Tigers - Alternative Woolston
The Jean Paul Sartre Experience - Flex
Double Happys - Beer Cans On The Ground
Mea Culpa - Do It Clean
Crane - Chorale
Emma Peel - Can't Buy
 The Chills - I'll Only See You Alone Again
Sneaky Feelings - Broken Man
Childrens Hour - Gutter Puppet
This Sporting Life - Point To Point
Spines - Parties And Parties
Belle Motions - Living
Triffids - Back Streets
Heamogoblins - Kiss Me Hardy
Spatback - Comfortable Chair
The Bats - Some Peace
Jay Clarkson - It's Difficult
Nocturnal Projections - Words Fail Me

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