InsurgentsChris Young and David Coffey instantly bonded over their love of the Stooges and the Beatles when they met in 2004 and started playing music together soon after. They began Insurgents as an intense, grungy 2 piece in the mid naughties and were then joined by Mike Ellis not long after.

The original pairs’ self-taught teen angst, combined with Mike’s upbeat attitude and slick skills from his musical background, made something brilliant and more melodic. After easily conquering the underage music scene in Christchurch with their impressive shows at venues and parties around the city, the band took a break in 2006.

Chris was spending time with his other band Neil Robinson, which won the national Smokefree Rockquest that year earning them some very helpful prizes in band gear.

An intense period of tragedy and travelling for Chris incited a resurgence of the Insurgents in mid 2007. After acquiring Will Edmonds and lots of new and improved material the band soon became seemingly unstoppable.

They moved up and out of the underage scene and began creating fun shows all around Christchurch. Support came from all directions, starting initially from old friends Black Market Art, who invited Insurgents to perform with their new line-up at their album release. This lead to playing more spectacular shows with spectacular people, and became the start of an epic series of gigs for the city’s music scene. Insurgents, alongside friends Bang! Bang! Eche!, The O’Lovelys, Charlie Bones and The Transistors, had an awesome feeling going, with a tight and fun-loving group who just loved to play good music and party. Despite (or perhaps thanks to . . .) the often-messy nature of the shows, they were always a wonderful and memorable experience for those that attended, and they somehow continued the party for almost a year solid, including shows in Dunedin and one epic gig in a field for New Years Eve.

After recording a four track EP - "Yours Disappointedly" - with Joseph Veale, and having multiple tracks make it up on the charts of Kiwi and bNet radio stations, all four decided to leave Christchurch. Unfortunately the four friends chose to go in different directions, making it too difficult to continue and breaking many a girl’s heart in the process. So, what better way to finish things off than a Hot Pants Party which doubled as the release of both Insurgents’ and Bang! Bang! Eche!s’ debut EPs. The party was unforgettable and even came close to a riot at its peak - it would probably have quickly fallen to pieces if Rob Mayes, the sound master of the night, hadn’t been there to hold it all together.

Rob, a talented and experienced musician and producer immediately recognised that what Insurgents had going was brilliant. Not wanting them to leave without saving a few more songs from becoming inevitably lost, Mayes generously offered to help them make an album. With a tight time frame of just a few weeks to record before Chris left to Europe, Mike and Will already living in Auckland, and budget of zero, Insurgents’ debut album, All The Stupid Smiling Faces, has incredibly made its way to completion.

This album sounds whole, thanks to the perfect combination the four formed. The intelligently written, bittersweet lyrics, sung with perfect harmonies, beautifully combine with melodic tunes and are then balanced by their driven and punchy rock-based roots.

None of us are getting out alive, so lets party!

"All The Stupid Smiling Faces" album (coming soon)


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