ThrowThe strange and confusing career of Throw has spawned some of the more successful and impressive releases for the Failsafe Label. The band sprung from Failsafe Boss Rob Mayes' desire to create a studio-based song writing ensemble that would have a transitional line-up as the song required.

In late 1991 Mayes enlisted drummer Steve Birss again, the pair having patched things up (once again) after Birss' split from Dolphin in early 1990. Throw's first jam was with Rob, long time drum collaborator Steve Birss, and newcomer Jeremy Taylor.

Birss had been playing in British-influenced four piece Elevation with David Hunt - Guitar, Dylan Pellette - Bass and Jeremy Taylor - Guitar and Vocals.

Taylor was new to Christchurch, originally from the small seaside town of Timaru. His love of British pop and sweetly beautiful voice suited the more beautifully melodic side to Mayes and Birss' pop experimentations with the trio quickly clicking on a number of band compositions, shifting from working on Mayes' compositions directly into writing as a group.

Many of the band's numbers were based around fragile balancing acts of songs almost groove based, exploding at various points only to be reined into a hush again.
Taylor was enlisted for Throw to add vocals and guitar and in mid 1991 Throw had their first 'rehearsal', nutting out a few ideas that were to spawn the tracks HoneyBlonde, Time Untied and Blinder. The next week the band recorded their practice and sent away three songs to the QEII arts council for grant consideration.

At the end of that week Throw performed their first gig in support of Naked Lunch at a private party, followed the next week by supports for the Bats and Breathing Cage. Throw quickly built up a strong set of material and in the space of a few weeks had penned the 17 songs that became their staple set. A month later Throw were headlining their own show at the Dux de Lux followed by a trip to Wellington with co-Christchurch bands Naked Lunch and Loves Ugly Children, playing a gig at The New Carpark to average attendance. A Upper Hutt show the following night drew 6 enthusiasts and a bunch of locals who hung out in the other bar, disliking anything they couldn't ride their motorbikes to.

Throw also picked up one extra show at hip and happening venue Bar Bodega with ex Christchurch man Nigel Mitchell's new outfit, now Wellington based. This proved to be a lucky move for Throw, impressing the local crowd and particularly bar owner Fraser McInnes who took a strong liking to the band and immediately booked them to perform again. McInnes championing of Throw would spill over to Taylor's post-Throw project Cinematic, resulting in Bodega releasing the band's first album.

The Throw project in effect snowballed away from the original intention of keeping the line-up fluid and studio based and the Mayes / Birss / Taylor line-up found themselves heavily occupied with recording and performing over the next 12 months.

Due to Birss' other commitments he was only able to perform in Chrsitchurch and for recordings, so Mayes enlisted Caroline Easther to drum for the band's North Island shows, Mayes being a fan of Easther's drumming since her days in Beat Rhythm Fashion, through to the Chills, Verlaines, and Easther's own band Let's Planet.

Taylor, Mayes and Birss shot a video for the lead track Wishes From Her Heart on the forthcoming All Different Things EP at the picturesque Castle Hill, the band perched precariously on rock top during intermittent snow and sunshine.

Throw continued to perform around the country working toward their Arts Council funded debut EP release.

Throw's work with Taylor culminated in a series of concerts building up to the release of the All Different Things EP. Taylor and Mayes played shows in Hamilton and Auckland (Powerstation with Semi Lemon Kola and The Nixons) with Easther drumming.

These shows were followed by a Wellington date with Easther and a Palmerston North show as two piece with drums on backing tape, at the Feast of Stevens own EP release party. Throw were joined by Feasties drummer Glen Fletcher for the last song of their set, Away, a tense controlled number. Fletcher had that day committed himself to a psychiatric hospital for mental stress, leaving the Feast Of Stevens to spring him for their gig. Throw started OK with Away but by the end of it the song was racing out of control, leaving everyone present much amused.

Taylor and Mayes drove back to Wellington straight after their Palmerston North set and find themselves at Bar Bodega with a small crowd of people and so played their two piece line-up set to excellent response.

Mayes and Taylor returned to Christchurch to prepare for their EP release concerts which entailed a release party at Mainstreet Cafe where the band were to perform in a stripped-back fashion as opposed to their normally full-on power gigs, and a concert at the Dux de Lux.

Tension between Mayes and Taylor had been brewing progressively over the previous few gigs and the situation came to a head on the day of their Mainstreet Cafe release party, resulting in Taylor refusing to attend.

Throw played their last performance in the original line up at the Dux at the end of September with the band not saying a word to each other throughout the gig.
Throw released a 5 track EP All Different Things on the eve of their last live performance in September 1992.

The trio performed live shows for approximately 10 months before personnel problems scaled down the project to its studio-based origins.

Mayes took the next few months to work on the album, finishing off some the songs the band had laid the basic tracks down for at the time of recording the EP.

The Rememory Album was finished in mid 1994 with initial singles being released to New Zealand On Air for inclusion on the Kiwi Hit Disc series. This album showcased Throw's love of a good melodic core but also Rob's and Steve's continued experiments in dynamics.

Taylor's desire to pursue his solo song writing led him to form Cinematic and he recruited bassist James Guthrie and drummer Steve Birss. Cinematic went on to record and release a debut album with that line-up, followed by a second album in 1995 - Musicland. A third album was scheduled for release in 2000.

Falling Inside Me was released as a single backed with Freefall and receives a video grant from New Zealand on Air. Jonathan King directed the video featuring Auckland Actress Rebecca Davies wandering round Auckland rooftops looking pouty and plaintive. The finished video was some way away from the brief given to King. A still from the video is used for the Rememory album cover.

In March 1995 the Rememory album was released. Nowhere Near was released as a single backed with Time Untied, a track with its origins in Taylor and Birss's previous band Elevation. The track also received an NZ On Air video grant, the video being directed by filmmaker David Reid. Mayes was again unimpressed with the director's interpretation of the band's music, the finished video result being some sort of yuppie pool room love story.

In June 1995 Throw got another video grant this time for the track HoneyBlonde. Mayes decided to work with cameraman Brett Nicols and director and animator Gregg Page who had worked on the Springloader video. Mayes also attended the film shoot and assisted Page on the video, which is an animated claymation performance-based video, showing the band performing as clay figures. The video was nominated for a New Zealand Music Award as Best Music Video, along with videos from Supergroove and Shihad.

In August 1995 All Different Things received a video grant and Page and Nicols again made a video for this track, based on the story of a scientist who creates a three piece band to perform a love song to impress a girl.

Mayes shifted to London in November 1995 and continued to work on material for the follow-up album, DreamBaby Good-bye, featuring 7 tracks including songs that were mesmerising live favourites for Throw during their brief career of live performances.

After many years of tinkering and layering sounds, Dreambaby Goodbye was released in August 2005.

"Dream Baby Goodbye" album  
"Rememory" album
"All Different Things" EP (deleted)
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"Falling Inside You" single (deleted)
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