J M KelcherAfter the split of Sneaky Feelings bassist John Kelcher worked on solo material on his four track, basing himself in Christchurch. The resulting eight songs were released on 1991's Personal Disorganiser album. All bass, drums, guitars, vocals and various noises were played by Kelcher.

With the emphasis here being on songwriting and craftsmanship the songs range from the eerie space of "Vulture" (co-written with ex-Chill Martin Kean) to the more positive pop appeal of tracks like "Sandy".

There is an element of the Sneaky Feelings sound in this material in that the basis of this music is melodic guitar pop with strong vocal harmony in parts but there is also a frailty slant quite different, and specifically Kelcher's present here in "The Sounds And Silences Going Down".

Personal Disorganiser, for Kelcher is, as the title might suggest a collection of songs of a personal nature. "I spend a lot of time and effort on my lyrics and after ten years of doing so I'm finally finding ways of expressing quite difficult feelings or situations in words".

Kelcher went on to join forces with ex-All Fall Down members Blair Parks and Bert Aldridge to form Creeley. Later Bert's brother Brett joined Creeley taking over full bass duties, leaving Kelcher to concentrate on guitar and vocals.
Another solo recording was completed on 8 track in 1994 using co-Creeley member Aldridge for drums, but this album never saw the light of day.
Creeley Recorded material for a release at Fish Street Studios in Dunedin, one track of which ended up on the Good Things Compilation through Failsafe. The band continued to record and self release their own material.

"Personal Disorganiser" mini album

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