Formed in August 1989 The Lils were an Auckland-based group originating from Christchurch. Two New Zealand tours, one cassette EP and an album (available on CD and cassette through Failsafe Records) later their sound is undeniably true to their roots.

The Lils have been described as "High Octane, Polished Guitar Pop" and this aptly described features that make the Lils stand out. There is a definite vein of controlled power driving this melodic-based band and the tightness with which the band deliver their songs while managing to maintain that rawness and "edge", only helps to show this band's vision more clearly. The perfect pop song? Maybe.

Lodestone sees the culmination of a year's hard work by the band to capture an album's worth of material and deliver it hot to the public. It was recorded and mixed in four different studios including the Lab Studios in Auckland and Failsafe's studio in Christchurch and was produced by Rob Mayes (Throw, Dolphin) in conjunction with the band.

Many tracks have already received radio support including "Think Nothing Of Me" which spent over six weeks in Auckland's BFM charts. Other stand out tracks include the dark "Safer Now", "Sweetness" with it's clean pop appeal, and the edgy bursts of "Looking For You" which also appears on the San Francisco based Hecuba Records - Failsafe Sampler.

The Band
The Lils consisted of brothers Boyd (Bass) and Darcy Thwaites (Guitar and Vocals) , James Anderson on drums and on the 'Lodestone' album Carl James on Vocals and Guitar. Carl left the Lils in 1992 leaving the rest of the band to follow their darker more angular leanings. They released one more track 'Tumi' on the 1994 "Good Things" compilation before evaporating. Boyd and Darcy went on to do darker metallic stuff in new outfit Fist (who released one CD "Skinshed" on their own label "Death Threat Records" in 1998). The boys also managed the Masonic Ttavern in Auckland where many a good band played, Carl presently lives in America and records under the name Goldbug (see also

Reviewer's Comments
" Concert of the Year" - The Lils, Wellington, The Carpark. August 1991. - John Piley (Rip It Up Magazine)

"High octane , polished guitar pop" - Donna Yuzwalk (Rip It Up Magazine)

"Overall the songs here really shine and it's a credit to both the Lils and Failsafe to have such a fine debut in the shops" - Steve Cochrane (New Zealand Musician ).

"An impressive wide bodied Indie Guitar sound over catchy pop tunes" - John Saunders. (Evening Standard).

".. Lodestone is loaded with thirteen wonderful pop gems. album that ably captures their pop sensibilities. The Lils have avoided the plague of hipness and instead stuck with their own guns. The result being one hell of a good debut album" - Grant McDougall (Critic Magazine).

"Songs like "Bloodfest Orgy", "Think Nothing", and "Safer Now" are downright impressive. ....songs that definitely deserve to give this band a greater profile..." - Jill Graham (NZ Herald - Auckland)

The band hit a slow patch after the release of the album and James' amicable split with the other 3 members. The band had previously moved in to the old TV3 offices near Symonds Street in Auckland, each band member having a whole office floor to themselves, plus a separate rehearsal and recording space. They eventually purchased and borrowed recording equipment with views to recording their new direction but these sessions only resulted in one song being completed and released. That song Tumi surfaced on the Good Things compilation. Other songs were recorded to completion but never saw the light of day.

The Thwaites brothers eventually split with drummer Anderson and were last seen continuing to make music in their home studio.

Bass player Boyd Thwaites also played bass for Devonport satanic rockers Fist and now plays in Cane Slide.

He also manages Auckland's longest running live music venue the Masonic Tavern.

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