MalchicksThe Malchicks formed in the late Eighties in the Auckland guitar scene, and rose to prominence with substantial radio play for an early recording of the song "Vanilla", which was eventually released on one of the BFM Freak The Sheep Compilations.

The bands line-up was:
Matthew Dalzell - Guitar / Vocals
Coralie Martin - Bass / Vocals
Simon Matthews - Guitar
Laura - Drums

Laura was replaced by Jason Ennor before the band started work on their debut EP Lotus recorded at the Lab Studios in February of 1992, recorded with the aid of an Arts Council Grant.

The band was originally supposed to release this EP through Flying Nun records, a requirement of the Arts Council Grant system is that you secure release of your planned recordings before you apply for a grant. The Flying Nun deal fell through and the band eventually released the CD EP though Failsafe, the band fronting the production costs from their grant.

The EP was released in November 1992 and was followed by a national tour.
1993 saw instability in the group's line-up, with drummer Ennor choosing to concentrate on his other band Love Buzz, leaving the Malchicks to perform live drummer-less.
Songs from this period were pretty impressive and Rob Mayes, attending one of the gigs encouraged the band to work toward an album of material. The band persuaded drummer Ennor to return for the sessions after failing to find a suitable replacement, and recorded 9 songs at the Lab studios in February 1994, which resulted in the Mercury album. Bassist Coralie Martin left New Zealand soon after completion of the album to work in Japan, and Dalzell shifted to Wellington to take up work in the diplomats office, effectively ceasing band activities. The album was completed at the end of the year and say posthumous release in early 1995.
The Mercury album really saw the Malchicks grow as songwriters and featured some finely constructed and recorded songs. The opening track "Head To Head" surpassed anything on the Lotus EP, and the single "Milestone" provided a charming uplifting pop feel, courtesy of Coralie Martin's excellent vocals and harmonies.
The band received a video grant for "Milestone" and the video had to be made without the whole band in it due to them being spread across the globe. Coralie Martin shot footage of herself in Japan and this was edited together with local footage to complete the video.
Due to the lack of the band to promote the album Mercury received a very limited release and did not get to reach a wider audience as it perhaps deserved. A bit of a lost classic but a good testament to what the band could have been.

Mercury Promo
The eagerly anticipated follow up to their popular Lotus EP, Mercury is the brand new album containing 10 new songs from Auckland's The Malchicks.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Lab studios in Auckland this album sees The Malchicks focus their songwriting and sound into a powerful blend of guitars, rhythm, and space.

The band have already received support in the form of NZ On Air video funding for the first single "Milestone" featuring the vocal talents of bassist Coralie Martin. The video will feature footage of the band members in New Zealand and Japan.

Other key tracks are the mind-blowing "Head To Head", written just before recording started on Mercury and hence not yet seen live, and the student radio favourite "Wonders Never Cease" which has already had chart success from advance copies of the LP.

The band consist of Matt Dalzell (Vocals, Guitars), Coralie Martin (Vocals, Bass), Simon Matthews (Guitars), and Jason Ennor (Drums).

Malchicks - Mercury
Contains the tracks "Head To Head", "Milestone", "Albatross", "Eros", "Wonders Never Cease", "Weatherman", "Stranded In Lost Time", "Haley", "Fade Again", "Melting Sands".

Also Available -
Malchicks - Lotus EP - November 1992's outstanding debut EP featuring the tracks " This Too Will Pass", "Full Dream Ahead" , "Lotus Eater", "At The Edge", and "Drive".

Reviewer Comments
" 'This Too Will Pass' is an interesting combination of sweet vocals from Matt Dalzell and Coralie Martin over some very interesting post-indie pop guitar sounds. Excellent chorus with tasty slide-sounding guitars" - Lindsay Davis (Presto Magazine)

"Auckland's Malchicks have stuck to their guns, carving out their own niche in the local scene, being rigorously non-rockist purveyors of guitar-based rock. Their sound is composed of duelling guitar textures, low-key vocals, drifting between Coralie and Matt, and straight ahead drumming." - Donna Yuzwalk (Rip It Up magazine).

"Lotus is a five song, beautifully packaged EP that highlights their surging, rhythmic rock music, but also reveals a budding melodic strength. .... lush layered songs that are full of guitar hooks." - Tony Green - (Christchurch Press).

"Auckland band Malchicks really whack the nail on the head all five times with their debut - one that combines the sweet, wistful, male-female frontline of The Bats with the big, soft-crush guitars of the Jesus And Mary Chain, and throws in five impressive songs at the same time. Nice one." - (More magazine)

"Lotus" EP  
"Good Things" - Various Artists (song Drive)    


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