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The Lost Album for Auckland based 90s indie rock band CRASH makes it across the finish line with 17 sparkling indie rock tracks recorded in top studios and polished off with a sparkling 2023 Remaster. Most of these songs did not see release at the time and it is testament to the wonderful writing, performance and recording that they sound so relevant now.
The Album comes in a double gatefold Card sleeve with a 16 page booklet and a pressed CD and comes with a free download code. You can also order the download directly from us here by clicking the buy downoad button. Ignore the postal on this. We won't charge you for it.

Click here to see the full packaging for this release

The Album is also available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.


Inheritance is the New album from Orangefarm, the band vehicle for thr songwriting and performance for CHCH via Wellington musician Nigel Mitchell. Orangefarm has been a fixture of the Wellington music scene for 20 years as a vehicle for Mitchell's songs which have channelled the spirit of classic NZ bands like The Chills, Sneaky Feelings, and The Clean, alongside international touchstones like Radiohead, Smiths, and Go-Betweens.Broadly indie rock but with a distinct original slant. Mitchell's talent for crisp, clear melodies was evident in his first band The Rue in 1985 in Christchurch. There, he met Mayes who became the band's sound engineer. The pair collaborated on recordings and kept in touch after Mitchell migrated north to Wellington where, musically, he has delivered a run of releases under his own name and various others'. In 2021 and based in Tokyo, Mayes reworked Mitchell's 'Who is Dianne', his 1988 contribution to Failsafe's South Compilation Deluxe Edition. Inspired by the song, he approached the songwriter with a view to creating a new album, taking it all a little bit more seriously and giving his tunes the full production and release treatment. The album includes contributions from previous Orangefarmers ÑKaren Apperley (drums), and Vivien Reid (French horn). The album also features Celia McAlpine's backing vocals on selected tracks, and Mayes himself (additional guitars, percussion, bass, backing vocals). As producer, Mayes brought his extensive experience into making Inheritance, the album, both cohesive and timeless. Recorded during 2021-23, the album showcases Mitchell's distinctive songwriting style, one delivered in a with a laidback contemplative feel with his warm and understated vocals.

Clickhere see the full packaging for this release

The Album is also available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.

Like Angels(How To Kill)
Your Time Will Come

Your Time Will Come is the new album by Like Angels, the solo offshoot of How to Kill songwriter/guitarist Robert McLean. The 88-minute long double-disc album features 8 genre-defying guitar-driven instrumental pieces, continuing on his work creating soundtracks, soundscapes, visages and movements in How To Kill, but defining this collection as separate from the work he does with the 4 piece band, as he has composed and performed this collection solo. Not long after the release of the How to Kill debut album (Like Angels 2010, which is where Robert has culled the name for this project from) the band went on hiatus following the Christchurch earthquakes. McLean leaving for Wellington, where he concentrated on his writing. Returning to Lyttleton he re-ignited his involvement with music, both with a reconvened How to Kill and on his own.
Whilst keeping the cinematic expansiveness, the unusual rhythmic intensity, and sonic nuance of How to Kill, the developing demos had a wider range of references and broader sonic palette, the tracks on Your Time Will Come unfold organically and gradually, but with purposiveness and drive. The album's pieces unfold in sections, using rhythmic and melodic motifs. Rather than being composed before being recorded and arranged, they developed organically and experimentally as the process unfolded. Your Time Will Come has a cinematic scope and emotional charge, often evoking the feeling of being at sea: the ocean's vastness, depth, and power, and our fragility compared to it.

Your Time Will Come is a double CD and comes in double gatefold cardboard cover with a 24 page full colour booklet, and a complimentary download code.

Click here see the full packaging for this release

The Album is also available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.

Lone Wolf EP 10"Vinyl

The theme song from Feature film Lone Wolf[2022] directed by YFC bass and vocalist Jonathan Ogilvie in three very different arrangements. YFC deliver a post-punk version (dig the Goo-Goo-Muck bassline). Sublime Sydney duo, Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams offer a torch song touch. Magnifique Melbourne chanteuse Moogy Morgan channels Serge Gainsbourg in her Loup Solitaire version Française. Available on limited edition (200) 10" vinyl. (Currently available via post from Australia. Postage is nz$12.90. We'll contact you with the correct amount as our shopping cart can't manage individual item postage, so place the order and we'll adjust and contact you with the correct amount.)

The EP is also be available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.

Bring Me Down EP

Colab is Failsafe artists mixing it up and pulling melodic pop out of the ether. The concept was to get our favourite artists together, put them in a room give them a theme (slow)and see what they would spontaneously create in the space of a couple of hours. The results were rewardingly good and this is another song in the series this time coupling Matt and Jo Barus (Deluxeboy) with Mark Roberts (The Enright House), Michael Daly (YFX, Kimo) and Rob Mayes (Throw, Springloader, Dolphin, Kimo). Bring Me down is a confident low tempo pulse of a tune that effortlessly evolves across it's play time. Comes in an extended version with previous single Space and Place. More to come.

Available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.


Singles building up to the new YFC album "Yankee Charlie Foxtrot'
Paleface - Pell in Hell 2020
Rolling Thunder 2021 Wikileaks
Lockdown C'est La Guerre)

Available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.

Lost Tapes - Parallel Universe

In 1982 Pop Mechanix headed for the golden shores of Australia to take their music to the next level. They played lots of gigs to win over new Australian audiences and scored a great record deal to have an album recorded and produced by the legendary Split Enz keyboardist Eddie Rayner. Things were going well. They recorded 13 songs toward the project, and it was sounding grea, Pop Mechanix firing on all cylinders as per usual, and then a small post punk band Popular Mechanics approached with a trade name issue. They would have gone away for a quick payout but the major record label wasn't going to bend to that so they took it to court, and lost the right for Pop Mechanix to perform under their name in some Australian territories. It all got a bit too hard and then band of the moment The Swingers asked Pop Mechanix Vocalist Andrew Snoid to join them at the height of their career as new Swingers Vocalist. Although he would later regret it Andrew took the Swingers up on their offer and Pop Mechanix were left with an album of material with a singer who wasn't in the band any more. They quickly re-recorded the vocals with main songwriter Paul Scott taking the vocal duties and changed the band name to Zoo (This material available on the Pop Mechanix - Zoo - lost in australia collection), and the original album was forgotten about. The band would later regroup with Snoid back in NZ and continue on their path together, but here finally is a copy of the lost album complete with 3 unreleased songs and a different version of their hit previous single The Ritz. This album is available now on CD and comes with a complimentary download code.

The Album is also available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.

The Absolute Truth (2021)

Mainly Spaniards were a core band in the 1981-1983 Gladstone scene mining similar territory to the Scottish Postcard label but with their own spin on it. Centered around the 12 string electric guitar and vocals of Richard James, Mike Jefferis 6 string guitar, Bass from Nick Strong, Drums from Dave Swift, and also on Drums Tony Green. The album contains 12 tracks, including lovingly remastered versions of their Iconic debut single 'That's What Friends Are For', Studio outtake track 'All Night', an unreleased second single 'The Absolute Truth' b/w 'The Story of an Ordinary Guy' and 6 Live recordings of unreleased songs. The limited edition cd album comes with a double gatefold cover and 12 page booklet with liner notes and photographs. Please note This disc is shipped from Japan please click international Shipping rate in the shopping cart on the next page if buying from nz. ($6.50 is applicable for all NZ orders)


The Album is also available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.


hey ghost (2021)

'hey ghost' started out as a retrospective collection of some great powerpop/gaze/dreampop tracks Supertanker made in their 92-97 career but morphed into something bigger and more current.
One of the core 5 Avalanche scene bands they centered around lead singer/guitarist and main songwriter Francis Hunt, and were exponents of sonic guitar built over a core of catchy melody and powerpop delivery (sharing ground with what would later be known as dreampop/shoegaze) and were .
Francis has expanded on the initial premise of presenting a collection of the bands recordings, turning in new compositions, and substantially reworking and augmenting many of the songs. Hence it's kind of an album of new music, and sounds pretty current to what's happening in 2021. Dense big guitar textures and melodies.
The album contains the original 4 Songs recorded with Failsafe for The Avalanche and Good Things collections, and an additional 9 tracks including the lead single 'Made of Light' which should please the sonic guitar fans , and next single Guiding Star which will please the Dreampop/powerpop fans.
The album comes in a double gatefold cover with 12 page booklet of lyrics, and song art made by the band.
This is a limited edition hand made boutique item. Please note This disc is shipped from Japan. please click applicable shipping rate in the shopping cart on the next page. ($5.90 is applicable for all non US orders)

The Album is also available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.

Lodestone (2021 deluxe expanded)

Auckland based power-pop post-punk band Lils impressed with their singular 1991 lodestone album and they get the remastered and expanded love and care treatment with this deluxe expanded edition featuring the original 13 tracks remastered with 2 songs getting a remix and augmentation plus 6 unreleased bonus tracks including 2 studio recordings and 4 live cuts from the band at their peak on their album tour in 1991.
This album rediscovers the potent melodic muscle of the band and presents it with a double gatefold full colour sleeve and 12 page booklet highlighting the bands career.
This is a limited edition hand made boutique item. Please note This disc is shipped from Japan and is a CD with 12 page booklet and double gatefold cover. please click international Shipping rate in the shopping cart on the next page if purchasing from NZ ($6.50 is applicable for all NZ orders)

The Album is also available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.

Accident Compilation
Accident Compilation Deluxe

2021 Deluxe Edition with new liner notes and booklet
**Double CD deluxe edition with 24 page booklet with band info and photos and double gatefold original artwork cover with all new liner notes**
Failsafe's first major compilation chronicles the exploding post punk live scene centered around Christchurch music venues the Gladstone, Star & Garter and Hillsoborough which all had strong original music bills 3 and more nights a week. Most if it wasn't getting recorded or released so this compilation was created to document the scene and to stop the waste of good local material that wasn't making it to vinyl and thus not seeing the light of day. Contains 27 full-length tracks from most of the best bands in Christchurch from 1981 - 83. All tracks were previously unreleased or unavailable.
1984 released on c90 cassette.
2005 -Remastered & re-released on double CD.
2019 Digital download with original and expanded booklet.
2021 Double CD with New Cover and 24 page expanded booklet, and a download code for a full resolution digital version with pdf booklet.


Click here to read a review of this compilation from NZ Musician magazine, January 2006

Gordons - Machine Song
Johnnies - Gov't Don't Care
Unauthorised - Militant Takeover
Evasive Action - Agony
YFC - Anthem
Desperate Measures - City Life
Androidss - Mr Fish
Solitudes - Home Again
Alien - Charade
Shaft - Imagination
En Can MA - Eat Shit
Dance Channel - Social Life
Wang - Getting Ever So Slightly Better Pt II dub.
Not Really Anything - Glow
The World - The Mystery
The Bats - Get Fat
The Triffids - Hideout
Venetians - Suspect
They Were Expendable - Head For The Hills
Playthings - Monastic
Ballon d'Essai - Modern Days
Pin Group - Low Rider
Newtones - All Over The World
Channel Four - You Were The One
Clients - 20th Century Allergy
Heamogoblins - Resurrection Now
AD - Duty Theme

The album is available as a high resolution digital download with booklet from our bandcamp site.

Biding Our Time
Biding Our Time Deluxe

2021 Deluxe double CD Edition with new liner notes and booklet,and extra tracks.
****limited edition deluxe double CD with 12 page full colur booklet ****
The second major Failsafe compilation, this time focusing on the 1984-86 period where the jangling power pop of what was partly to became defined as the flying nun scene exploded. This is the scene as it hit CHCH venues the Gladstone, Star and Garter, and Hillsborough. Containing 23 tracks from New Zealand bands, previously unreleased, unavailable elsewhere, lots of Flying Nun bands making special outings just for this release.
1986 released on cassette.
2005 remastered & re-released on CD.
2019 - Digital download with expanded booklet and liner notes & 2 restored* extra tracks). 2021 - Limited edition double CD restoring 2 tracks from the original cassette release and including new versions of Belle Motions and Crane tracks, and including a 12 page full colour booklet with all new liner notes and double gate fold cover with band poster art, and a download code for a full resolution digital version with pdf booklet. 2021 Newly reissued with double gatefold cover and 12 page full colour booklet with full band info and photos, poster art etc.


Click here to read a review of this compilation from NZ Musician magazine, January 2006

Bird Nest Roys - Love Your Alien
The Stones- Route 69
Heartland - Snow
Sneaky Feelings - Take The Darkness
Dance Exponents - If Only I Could Die *
Lions And Tigers - Alternative Woolston
The Jean Paul Sartre Experience - Flex
Double Happys - Beer Cans On The Ground
Mea Culpa - Do It Clean
Crane - Chorale
Emma Peel - Can't Buy Love
  The Chills - I'll Only See You Alone Again
Sneaky Feelings - Broken Man *
Childrens Hour - Gutter Puppet
This Sporting Life - Point To Point
Spines - Parties And Parties
Belle Motions - Living
Triffids - Back Streets
Heamogoblins - Kiss Me Hardy
Spatback - Comfortable Chair
The Bats - Some Peace
Jay Clarkson - It's Difficult
Nocturnal Projections - Words Fail Me

The album is available as a high resolution digital download with booklet from our bandcamp site.

16 tracks from 15 of Christchurch's up and coming indie bands, containing unreleased material from the Bats and a live version of Song Of The Silence by Tall Dwarfs with members of the Bats on drums and guitars plus tracks from the best Christchurch bands around.
1988 Released on Cassette.
2005 remastered & re-released on CD.
2019 Will soon be avialalbe for Digital Download with expanded booklet.
2021 - Limited edition deluxe CD including a 12 page full colour booklet with all new liner notes and double gate fold cover with band poster art, and a download code for a full resolution digital version with pdf booklet.

Click here to read a review of this compilation from NZ Musician magazine, January 2006 2021 Newly reissued with double gatefold cover and 12 page booklet with full band info and photos, poster art etc.

Tinnitus - Function 2.3.2
Camellias - Cried
Leadleg - Caboose
Hiding From Stan - Wouldn't That Be Nice
Tall Dwarfs - Song Of The Silence
Smacc Riflemen - Violent Lance
Breathing Cage - Raise The Glass
The Greens - Apples For Babies, No 2
All Fall Down - Actifed Blues (Remix)
Bats - Best Friend's Brain
Genie And The Wild Children - See For Yourself
Skin Darlings - Working The Wind
Pihed - Slow Haze
Nigel Mitchell - Who Is Dianne
My Wild Violet - Truth Won't Change
Also available in digital form from Bandcamp
Various Artists - Keepin' Secrets
Keepin' Secrets

2021 New double gatefold sleeve. a compilation to give you an overview of the alternative music production of chch in the 1998 - 2005 period. Features tracks from Eskimo, Hooster, Substandard, Degrees K, Throw, Delphy, Dolphin, Springloader, Alpha Cast, Breathing Cage, Deluxeboy, Astro64, Leigh Franklin, Atomic Blossom, Naked Lunch, Chameleon.
(April 2005 Release on CD)
(May 2021 - new double gatefold deluxe edition)

Click here to read a review of this compilation from NZ Musician magazine, January 2006


Malchicks everything
Everything(2019 remastered deluxe)

Malchicks pioneered swirling, dynamic guitar sounds in New Zealand, mining similar territory associated with bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Swervedriver, with the band taking it in their own direction, adding a focused punch behind the sonic guitars and a literary flourish to their lyrics and vocals. The band were ahead of their time, and in a class of their own in their hometown of Auckland New Zealand, a globe away from their stylistic contemporaries in the UK, but delivering songs and sounds easily on par with the best. The remastered 'Everything' collection captures and accentuates the power and beauty of their original work, bringing it up to sonic spec for the present day. The collection writes the band back into local music history as a reminder of the exceptional wealth of music found at the bottom of the world. The remastered collection will be available in a strictly limited edition hand made boutique double CD with full colour double gatefold artwork and insert postcards and liner notes.
Limited release from December 7th 2019. Please note This disc is shipped from Japan and is a double CD with 12 post cards and double gatefold cover so is a bit heavier so please click international Shipping rate in the shopping cart on the next page ($7.90 is applicable for all NZ orders)

The Album is also be available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.

Beat Rhythm Fashion
Five T-shirt designs for the recent band tour now avialable for mailorder. BRF logo, Bring Real Freedom album cover Band image, Tenterhook album cover, and 2 additional versions with of the album covers with the band logo on the shirt back.The Shirts are $32 for front image only, and $37 for the additional logo on the back. We have very limited numbers of western sizes S, M, L, XL. Please specify desired size in the comment section of the shopping cart. Click the Name under the shirt thumbnail to see a bigger image.
When ordering T-shirts please click the T-shirt postage button on the shopping cart page. It may malfucntion if you order cds and t-shirts together but don't worry, we'll sort it out on the order email. T-shirt postage is currently about NZ$5.
BRF Logo
Bring Real

BEAT RHYTHM FASHION - Beings Rest, Finally
Beings Rest, Finally - Rarities

Rarities - Collection. deluxe
A long time in the making this collection was originally scheduled for a 2007 release but got caught up in the remastering stage with some of the tracks proving too difficult to bring up to the bands high standards under current technology, which we've since solved. We present to you the Beings Rest, Finally - Rarities collection charting the bands course from their more post punk origins including the two songs from the **** (4 Stars) 1980 collection (Not Necessary, None in the Universe), 7 further unreleased songs (live), plus Wellington Zone (1981) tracks and additional live versions of the singles. Now with 12 page lyrics and photos booklet.
Yes 2 albums, a deluxe reissue and some live gigs in one year. It happened.


The Album is also available for download or direct creditcard purchase from our Bandcamp page.


The Return of Beat Rhythm Fashion.
Some 37 years after the release of their 3 ground breaking singles and adjournment to Australia BRF return with a 50 min album of newly recorded music. The album purposfully picks up where the band left off in 1982 with new and fresh studio recordings of the last few of songs the band were working, then takes it from there into the natural direction the band were going before mindless manufactured pop took over the world.
We couldn't reasonably predict that we would be treated to a new BRF album and acompanying March NZ tour (Check the band's Facebook page for details) in 2019 but through hardwork and good luck we have both.

The Album is also available as a Hi Res Digital download with 16 page booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

Beat Rhythm Fashion - Bring Real Freedom
Bring Real Freedom Deluxe Edition

A LIMITED deluxe packaging edition of the bands 2007 Album.
A Collection of finely crafted songs from this much respected and greatly sought after Wellington group. This Disc collects all three singles, lovingly restored and remastered, plus 9 tracks from the band's live set at their peak to complete 'The album BRF would have made' if .....
Brothers Dan and Nino Birch made sweepingly beautiful and thought provoking intelligent music. Part of the Wellington terrace scene that gave us the four stars compilation BRF grew past their edgy post punk beginnings to create open melodic soundcapes like the classic "Turn of the Century".
The band only managed three 7" singles before departing for Australian shores, where things never quite gelled for them to continue their legacy.
LIMITED EDITION PRESSING. Now available in a double gatefold cardboard sleeve with the 7" singles artwork, Band photo postcards and lyric cards. This is a special limited edition of 50 package made for the bands 2019 NZ tour.
Click here to see the full package contents.


The album is available as a Hi Res digital download from our Bandcamp site, includes deluxe artwork as PDF booklet, and for purchase with creditcard

THIS SPORTING LIFE - Alms For Children
Alms For Children

Thirty five years since they played their last live shows in the soon to be demolished Mainstreet and SPAM venues New Zealand Post Punk band This Sporting Life (TSL) have collected and remastered their 3 vinyl products (Alms For Children - Alms not Arms ep, TSL - Show Me to the Bellrope Album and In Limbo ep) and previously unreleased live material to create AFC - a complete collection of their sounds. AFC/TSL existed in a time in NZ when identity through music felt like life and death to many. It was a group of people that took the sound they made seriously but also had an underbelly of humour when standing up to perform. This 24 track collection stands as a testament to the fact that post punk innovation was alive and well in NZ in the early 80s

The Album is also available as a Hi Res Digital download with 16 page booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

THE PERFECT GARDEN - A Place Not Far From Here
A Place Not Far From Here

Dunedin indie/shoegazer band that existed from 1989 - 1990 recorded the 4 songs on this EP in a spurt of perfect timing at the makshift Failsafe studios that spawned the dolphin out of hand album and the Holy Toledos Forget and Forgive albumm. This ep contains 4 slices of exuberant late 80s indie pop, part Mary Chain, early Primal Scream, Primatives, and C86 scene

The EP is available as a Hi Res Digital download with booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

Songs in the Key - Space and Palce Single
Space and Place (single download)

First single from this collaboration of Failsafe Records artists and Friends from the forthcoming Songs in the Key of Slow Album. Space and place is a love letter to hometowns, in this case the pre earthquake Christchurch, NZ, and features a beautiful video of the town at it's finest. The song and its lyrics are even more potent, poignant, and unexpectedly prescient post quake, as the song becomes a love letter to something we all lost. Space and Place features Leigh Franklin (Guitar and Vocals) Mark Roberts (Guitar and Vocals), Rob Mayes (Bass Strings, Brass, production) And Steve Birss, (Drums).
The track is available as a Hi Res digital download from our bandcamp site.

Substandard - Elite-Mini album
Elite (Mini Album Deluxe Edition)

Ten years since the release of their Global Research Systems album Substandard return with 4 new tracks. The ground work for these tracks was around the time of the bands last gig in 2004 before individual members moved to different cities and then countries, time flies but it sometimes reconverges. Social media, broadband internet and an earthquake damaged Christchurch studio formed the odd road to completion. This mini album comes in a gatefold - limited edition - deluxe hand - screened package wih insert post cards.
Tracks are - Trick of the light, Elite, Slow Way to Sleep, and Doppelgänger.

The Mini Album is also available as a Hi Res Digital download with booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

Southern Front - Politics and Cemeteries
Politics and Cemeteries

Post punk from a strong chch punk scene lineage. Southern Front formed from the ashes of Evasive Action, and before them 2 seminal local punk bands Desperate Measures and Unauthorised. The band comprise 3/4 of Unauthorised with Erik Van Den Hoven from Desperate Measures filling in on Bass duties while Mark Gibson shifts to Drums. Phil Johnston handles guitars and Harry Hepworth holds down the Vocals. This is the extended remastered and restored 1984 album from Southern Front expanded with 7 unreleased tracks culled from live performances and the rare - as - punk - rock - tears 'lost' UNAUTHORISED ep as a bonus, which was initially the other side of the long deleted split Wasted Again album with Desperate Measures, but since most of Unauthorised is present here we felt it appropriate to add it as a bonus. 22 tracks in total.
Available Now in a limied run CD package.
Tracks are - License to Cry, Heaven and Hell, Mission Zero, Southern Comfort, Loose Love,Custody, Nosferatu, Shock Horror, Silence, Agony, Elevator, The Sixth , Ghosts of Dead Soldiers, Mainline, Socialite, Entrapment, The Other Man, Max Factor. Plus Bonus tracks Unauthorised mini Album - Your War, Nazi Police, Never Look Back, Militant Takeover.

2013 Limited edition CD now sold out. The Album is available as a Hi Res Digital download with booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

Pop Mechanix - Now : Then
Now : Then (One Hit Windows)

The Legendary Mechanix of Pop present 13 tracks tracks of Timeless New Zealand pop history.
Mastered and selected by Paul Scott in Australia this is a shiny collection of the prime cut singles from the bands career.
The album comes in two packaging options, The Standard Jewel Case edition for those who just want to get the songs, cover art and liner notes, and the deluxe edition which is a double gatefold edition with 12 cover are insert postcards with the original singles covers and band photos. Limited edition hand made so grab it while you can.
Also of note - this is a pressed CD, not a CDR. The first 5 albums are CDR because they are very short run discs (100). This one we went the extra mile on so please support our effort by grabbing a copy or 2 for you and a friend.
Tracks are : Now, Radio Song, The Ritz, Jumping out a Window, Holidays, Cowboys, Keep it Up, Brains Are Dumb, Art School Bop, Spanish, Texas, Land of Broken Dreams, Celebration of the Skin.

The Album is also available as a Hi Res Digital download with booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

Pop Mechanix - Splash Alley - Lets Get Started
Splash Alley - Lets Get Started

Pop Mechanix in their earliest form with Dick Driver out front, energy to burn and  5 unreleased post punk tracks to tear up the stage, alongside amped up versions of their classics. Recorded live at Mainstreet this is an edgy welcome glimpse into this bands full charge start.
Tracks are - Kamikazi Man, Artschool Bop, Sick of Waiting for Tomorrow, Steve Gilpin , Too Cool for Words , Talking, Spanish, Mr Smooth, Cliche, City Girl - Observation, Brains are Dumb, Money, White Girls , Disco Fever, Now.

The Album is also available as a Hi Res Digital download with booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

How To Kill - Like Angels
Like Angels

How to Kill play rhythmically propulsive sonic soundscapes of dark beauty, light & shade, space & texture.  It's modern neo-rock, hued in orchestral structures, punctuated by power & grit. These are songs, but songs without words, unsung, vocal. Unscripted - the stories speaks volumes. A soundtrack, a picture made from verse of missing words. To call this instrumental music does not convey the stories within. Eight pieces of mood & meaning.

The Album is also available as a Hi Res Digital download with booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

Insurgents - All The Stupid Smiling Faces
All The Stupid Smiling Faces

Insurgents play catchy indie pop, playing their hearts out like it was the most important thing they ever did. Their live shows could be chaotic; things break all around them as their audience goes wild and the band plays on with even more conviction, and why wouldn't they? With a strong collection of hook-laden songs, a freshly minted album and all the members just pushing 20 the Insurgents are a shiny indie-pop revelation. Channel the corpse of Blondie through the reanimated souls of My Bloody Valentine, add a touch of Bowie, shake vigorously and let it marinate in the suburbs of Christchurch for its youth.


Evasive Action - Imminent Impact
Imminent Impact

Evasive action rose from the ashes of Desperate Measures and Unauthorised. Merging the street level punk of the measures with the abrasive energy of Unauthorised the band landed in post punk territory, somewhere inbetween. Inspired by the dark edges of the likes of Killing Joke they hit a hard alternative sound that distanced them from straight hedonistic punk.Groove based tracks like "Live for Fun" push the envelope, and the band also revisit harder versions of some of their previous bands classics.
Pulse-poundingly remastered, even Failsafe had forgotten how good some of these songs sound. (2008)

The Album is also available as a Hi Res Digital download with booklet or for purchase with creditcard from our Bandcamp page.

The Alpha State - Lines

Alpha Cast's singer Michael McLeod takes his songwriting to the next level and morphs into The Alpha State, a delicious alt country tinged affair with shimmering melody over slow moods. McLeod has assembled a new team of talents to sparsely shade his deeply melodic songs, the result is 9 tracks of catchy low key wonder.


Mulchzoid - Laptopdancer

Mulchzoid is the electronic extension of David Mulcahy, dark pop luminary of JPS Experience, Superette and Kimo / Eskimo fame. Mulcahy has a long history of providing quality dark pop masterpieces to the unsuspecting public and Laptopdancer is no exception to that rule.
Exploring the premise of one microphone one computer and one bedroom Mulcahy has locked himself away and produced a strong collection of sparkling dark compositions musing on themes of Girls, Drugs, Suicide Bombers, Existence, Celebrity and Fascism over its lucky number of 13 tracks. Stylistically the album touches on the sounds of New Order, Suicide and Snapper, and Cabaret Voltaire, whiles still sounding exactly like an album you'd expect from someone of David's lineage. Sparkling Dark Pop. Enjoy


Kimo - Surrender

Surrender is the new album from Christchurch band Kimo, 2 years in the making and featuring dark pop and deep textures from the core duo of Rob Mayes (Throw, Dolphin, + guest stints in Children's Hour and Chris Matthew's Robot Monkey Orchestra) and David Mulcahy (JPS Experience, Superette, Mulchzoid).
The band decided to try and make an album in a unified and cohesive style rather than attempt to cover all aspects of the wide world of music and aided (or unaided) by a bizarre luggage accident break to Mayes' fretting hand saw a push for the album toward the less rock spectrum of Kimo's sound, ie all the pretty songs have made it to the one album. That coupled more by accident than design a thematic similarity with most of the songs exploring the various connotations of the word Surrender, many of them positive.

The Album is also avaliable as a download from our bandcamp site

Breathing Cage - Spilt Milk
Spilt Milk

Jay Clarkson's legendary late 80's band. This disc features the superior demos for the notorious Rheineck Rock Award 'Miserichord' album plus other unreleased tracks.

****CD Out of Stock*** Available through Bandcamp As a hi Res Download

Desperate Measures - Broken Bottles
Broken Bottles

Remastered collection of the band's recorded work including the '1984' EP, and 'Wasted Again' album tracks plus bonus tracks, liner notes and photos. A fitting tribute to one of Christchurch's best punk bands.


Dolphin - Waiting For Splashdown
Waiting For Splashdown

'Best Of' compilation featuring tracks from the band's 5 albums compiled specifically for Japanese label Freshwater for Japanese release (import at standard price)

Album also availalble as a download from our Bandcamp site

Various Artists - Keepin' Secrets
Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep

Debut release from Failsafe sub-label Electrode.
Subtitled "Scenes From New Zealand's Electronic Underground", this collection aims to stimulate and encourage the electronic scene as much as it does to represent it.
From the lush orchestration of Refrag and the slick upbeat electronica of Module, to the surreal mutant lounge music of the Tom Bosley Experience and the electro-rock fusion of Flying Dreamz, to the impossibly happy pop of Disasteradio and the Casiotone kitsch of Golden Axe, this compilation has something for everyone!

Click here to read a review of this compilation from the Christchurch Press, July 2005


Leadleg - Payola

Leadleg were the continuation of 2/3 of YFC after the band left for Australia.
Initially the solo project of Jonathan Ogilvie, Jon continued to explore tall dark tales of love and loss, with strong Johnny Cash overtones.
Ogilvie was caught in a suicide bomb incident while visiting China which left him and his then girlfriend with chunks of shrapnel in their bodies and legs, hence Leadleg.
Jon and Michael joined forces with guitar and keyboards to explore the more moody world and dub territory. Influenced by the On-U-Sound thing but heavily tinged by their own musical heritage the band explores pool hall brawls and literal references with that heavily rhythmical thing permeating through out.
The band released a 7 inch EP and a 12 incher before recording this album which was not released by the time the band split.
(April 2005 Release on CD)


Throw - Dreambaby Goodbye
Dreambaby Goodbye

The last recordings with the original Throw lineup of Steve Birss, Rob Mayes, and Jeremy Taylor.
These tracks were recorded in 1992 and at the time proved too difficult to mix with the technology of the time, and one pair of hands. This album contains so of the bands best material and show's Throws deft hand at a good tune, and a careful balance of mood and dynamics.
(August 2005 Release on CD)
Out of Stock. Check the Failsafe Bandcamp page for an upcoming 2019 remastered collection.

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Eight Living Legs - False Sense Of Security
False Sense Of Security

Eight Living Legs were one of those good Auckland bands around in the early eighties that you didn't get to hear about outside of that city. The band were a gifted bunch of songwriters and musicians doing a fine line in angular, intense and moody post punk rock.
They released one side of an split EP with fellow AK band Flak before leaving for Europe in 1983.
I purely by chance got sent a cassette of 9 songs they recorded at Progressive Studios and I always thought these great songs should be out there for people to hear. Sadly I should have thought of that before this year because when the studio changed ownership the new management took it upon themselves to take all the master tapes they couldn't easily find owners for to the dump. (bad studio, bad). Luckily I kept my copy of the tape!
(April 2005 Release on CD)

Album also available as a download from our bandcamp site

Eight Living Legs - Five Yards Ahead
Five Yards Ahead

Live material and unreleased songs not available on the studio false sense of security album. Tracks are No Star In Sight, Five Yards Ahead, Pay The Fee, Four Horsemen, Nato Practice, No Cheap Ride, Sick Noise Part1, Don't Do That Near Me, Centuries, False Sense Of Security, Sick Noise Part 2, Peaches, Consolation Prize, Story Book Fashion, Big Rock Stars In Auckland, Back In The Bad Row, What Do You Mean By That?, No Star In Sight. Recorded and mixed by Greg Carroll. Greg, you may remember, was the much-loved sound crew member for U2 who tragically died in a rigging accident while working for U2.
(April 2005 Release on CD)


Deluxeboy - All Gone Now
All Gone Now

Great pop band from Christchurch from the late 90's to 2003, in the classic pop vein of Heavy Jones Trio and Throw these guys morphed into current band The Dukes. This is a collection of over 18 tracks the band recorded but never got around to releasing. We got our hands on a CD and were blown away so we're taking it out of their hands and bringing it to you. Makes you wonder what the major labels are occupying themselves with when they overlook a grade gold like this in favour of.....what??
(August 2005 Release on CD)


Atomic Blossom
Atomic Blossom

This much loved Christchurch outfit were on the road to international success when they recorded and released this great little album. The band self-released this then went to New York to follow up on interest the band had gained from supporting Smashing Pumpkins on their NZ tour. On arriving in New York the band attracted the attention of Madonna's Maverick label and were all but set to make it when they imploded with co singer/guitarist Prudence Stone deciding she didn't want to be in a rock band after all. You get that sometimes, with musicians.
Consequently it was almost impossible to get a copy of the original album and so we've decided to re-release it in a remastered form to share the music.
(April 2005 Release on CD)


Dolphin - Bring It All Down
Bring It All Down

In 1996 Dolphin left NZ for the UK to find fame and fortune and recorded this collection of 18 songs. Drummer Steve Birss never made it to the UK but his drums appear on this collection along with Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello & The Attractions drummer) who filled in while the band searched for Tracy Thompkins their eventual replacement for Birss. "Bring It All Down" is all the studio recordings the band did while in London.
(April 2005 Release on CD)

Album also available as a download from our bandcamp site

Dolphin - EPs

Dolphin rocked Christchurch from 1988 - 90 with their chunk of jagged-edged guitar rock, with a dose of Husker Du and dark british pop over their melodic NZ influences, they were the forerunners of what lead to many a good Chch rock band.
They released 3 cassette-only EPs which have never been available on any other format (apart from the first single which appeared on Pagan Records' "Positive Vibrations" album). Until now.
(April 2005 Release on CD)

Album also available as a download from our bandcamp site

Springloader - Just Like Falling
Just Like Falling

Springloader managed to record a full album of material in their 2 year career but only managed to get 2 tracks into the public eye, one was on the Good Things compilation ("Now I Know") and the other was the NZ On Air funded video for "One More Thing". This album expands on the music direction of Dolphin and Throw sounds, melodic infused power pop/rock music heading toward post rock and Shoegazer.
Our web designer Peter Lewis is particularly excited about the release of this album, having worn out his demo copy from enthusiastic overuse!
Highly recommended.
(April 2005 Release on CD)

****CD Out of Stock*** Remastered re-release expanded edition coming soon

YFC - Ricochet

These guys were an inspirational band doing cutting edge and unusual stuff with attitude and cool. Back then it flew over most peoples heads but now with the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Interpol riding the charts it almost seems the time is right for their music.
We've managed to find most of the studio recordings that comprise their "Between Two Thieves" mini album from 1984 plus an unreleased track. We've also got the bands last NZ concert full of brilliant just-written material that put this band well ahead of its time.
For those not familiar with them YFC comprise the angular and tribal drumming skills of Michael Daly (now of Eskimo) and the two-bass attack of Grant Horsnell and Jonathan Ogilvie, Jonathan doing most of the vocals which were shard like interjections loaded with pop culture overtones. There was no guitar in this band, hence you get a quite distinctive sound and feel from what they did, highly rhythmical, abrasive and intense at times, hook laden, and with elements of the Beat poets.
(May 2005 Release on CD)

****CD Out of Stock*** Available through Bandcamp As a hi Res Download

Dolphin - Listen

Demos And Rarities 1987 - 1991
This album contains the last recordings by dolphin before they left for the uk. it shows a melancholic dark pop sensibility and collects a great bunch of soundscapes and rock songs. also contains the never before released re-recording of their track 'Pink Baby' from their second EP, Promise.(May 2005 Release on CD.


Album also available as a download from our bandcamp site

Pop Mechanix - Now
Singles And Demos 1979 - 1981
Made up of the bands early singles plus the bands first demos which captured, magnificently, an edgy pop band with attitude bashing out their set straight to two track, no remixing, no overdubs. This tape comes from Mike Chunn's personal collection and we're both lucky and excited to bring this to the wider public. Thanks Mike!
(May 2005 Release on CD)
Album also available as a download from our bandcamp site

Pop Mechanix - Zoo
Lost In Australia 1981 - 1983
The band left for Australia to seek fame and fortune, and the possibility of regular income from music. The band hit big troubles and high court battles over the use of their name, and eventually imploded and returned to New Zealand and lost their singer, but they kept making tight pop music with songwriter paul scott taking over vocal duties. this is a collection of the zoo album and demos of those fine songs.
(May 2005 Release on CD)
Album also available as a download from our bandcamp site

Pop Mechanix - Acceptance
Reform, Restart, Redirect 1985 - 1986
They reformed in 1985 real low key like, whipped up a bunch more classic pop songs, and once again got their career on track.
This contains the pop mx 4 track ep, the celebration of the skin single and a whole swag of unreleased recordings that have never seen the light of day, before now.
(May 2005 Release on CD)
Album also available as a download from our bandcamp site

Pop Mechanix - Live Kicks
Live Kicks
Live Performance Kicks 1986
This is a collection of recordings taken from the bands live shows in the reformed line up. chiming well honed pop music performed with energy. this collection has some of the best versions of their later material plus a couple that never got recorded.
(May 2005 Release on CD)

Pop Mechanix - Alright Here
Alright Here
Make Or Break 1987 - 1988
The final stage in the pop mx history so far with their big push for commercial success and an american producer this album contains the very expensive last studio recordings and some live cuts of new songs from the final phase of the band.
(May 2005 Release on CD)

Good Things
Good Things
Nineteen Good Things from the fresh face of New Zealand. The unreleased hit singles that in any other market place you would already have in your collection, so here's your chance. A sampler of the label's talent featuring new and exclusive material.
(April 1994 release on CD and Cassette)   
CD no longer available. Watch the Failsafe Bandcamp site for a remastered digital re-release soon
Loves Ugly Children - Good Thing
Squirm - Voodoo
Supertanker - Sinker
Pumpkinhead - Ambulance Song
Atomic Blossom - Screw
Throw - Wishes From Her Heart
Malchicks - Drive
Semi Lemon Kola - Happy Day
147Swordfish - Cable Bay
Keith - Extra Care
Springloader - Now I Know
Feast of Stevens - Amsterdam
Creeley - Wonderful Thing
Sun Sonic Thing - Daylight
This Will Kill That - Dolly
Hoover - Mike's Room of the Banal
Lils - Tumi
Wadd - Whore
Lurch - You Knew

Five of Christchurch's best new bands of 92 - 93 present a solid EP each of their music presented on one full-length album. A strong collection of the best songs from some of the best new bands around, Avalanche became a descriptive word for this scene starting record that pushed these bands way up the pop ladder. (May 1993 release on CD and Cassette)
Last Few CDs available. Watch the Failsafe Bandcamp site for a remastered digital re-release soon
147 Swordfish
Loves Ugly Children
Cannon Crawl Answer That Cannot Lie
Magenta Ocean
Loves Ugly Children
Nothing More
Citizens Advice

Eskimo - Loverbatim
Debut album from Christchurch three piece collaboration between David Mulcahy (ex JPSE, Superette) Rob Mayes (Throw, Springloader, Dolphin), and Michael Daly (YFC, Leadleg, This Cage) featuring 11 slices of finely crafted raw and melodic rock, nothing less than you'd expect from this bunch of tune-smiths. songs range from the melodically pretty (Summerlite) to Rockin' (From America) to raw (Twisted Fruit).
Click here to read reviews.
(August 2004 Release on CD) CD No longer Available. Album available as a digital download from our bandcamp site.

Hooster - Rotate
The debut album by Christchurch three piece Hooster.
Just to keep it tidy the band have called their album 'rotate' after the lead song from their 2003 'rotate ep' and now the head song on the new album.
The song deals with the plight of local bands to get recognition for their music, even in the current pro NZ music climate, "all we needed, was a little rotation......"
The album contains 10 slices of finely crafted rock following up on the success of early single Lucy, and including indie rock radio favourite 'Rotate', and new single 'Throw' and a fair few other pop-tastic cuts to boot.
Think 70's rock with modern pop twists and that should land you somewhere near the hooster ballpark.
(June 2004 Release on CD)

Hooster - Rotate
Rotate EP

Debut EP release from Christchurch 3 piece Hooster containing their NZ On Air funded and indie hit disc favourite track Lucy, as well as the retro rockin' Rotate (also on Indie Hit Disc, and check out the live video too), plus live favs Blowtorch, and JFK. Hooster have a strong live following for their warm rock sounds and this EP serves as a good taster for the forthcoming album.
"three-piece Hooster sound good on their debut four-track EP Rotate, punching out a gutsy, rock sound." - Christchurch Press
(May 2003 Release on CD)


Substandard - Global Research Systems
Global Research Systems
Debut full-length album from this 3 piece sonic guitar instrumental band. Soundscapes and groove-based tracks shine in this stunning album, 10 slices of hook laden mood-inducing rock.
“The band mine similar territory to the likes of Bailter Space, HDU, Subliminals etc – it's all about textures. But the young Christchurch three-piece have their own take on the sonic soundscape, and strangely, while they don't have any lyrics, their songs seem more emotional than the likes of HDU. Well recorded and stylishly packaged this is a great disc, and captures a band that knows exactly what it's doing”.
Nick Gormack- Christchurch Press
(November 2002 Release on CD)
Album also available as a download from our bandcamp site

Degrees K - Lifelike
Debut full-length album for Degrees K featuring 10 slices of Art-tinged rock and pop. Big on dynamics, passion and power ... and guitars. The album features the singles John Travolta On My Shoulder in a re-recorded form as well as modified versions of Click and Simon from the click EP, plus 7 fresh slices of Degrees K at their best.
‘The album is full of thoughtful lyrics and sharp guitars, but also a musical confidence that’s rare for such a young band on their debut album" Reuben Keeling - NZ Musician Nov 2002
(August 2002 Release on CD)

Degrees K - Click
Second release from Degrees K features 6 songs including Simon, Strength, Click, Good Cause, Weakling, and Missing In Auckland.
‘Degrees K play compulsive intelligent music…” - Brent Cardy, Real Groove, January 2002
A “combination of roller-coaster dynamics, earnest melodies, & first class musicianship… genuinely powerful” - Nick Gormack, The Press, 16/05/02
(November 2001 Release on CD)

Degrees K - JT4P
Failsafe reactivates with Christchurch three piece Degrees K shredding the speakers with some solid indie rock featuring 4 slices of their diverse sound. John Travolta On My Shoulder has been burning the airwaves round student radio while Shift A will be doing the same soon. What Goes Down throws in the acoustic guitars and The Family
takes you through the works.
(February 2001 Release on CD)

Delphy - Heatseeking
Six track mini album from Delphy features the new line up for former Christchurch power three piece Dolphin. Mayes and Stokes continue their explorations into driving pop. The band moved to London in early 1996, recording 7 songs with Elvis Costello & Attractions drummer Pete Thomas (including title track Heatseeking).The band received impressive responses to their 1997 shows and for the Heatseeking EP including fan mail from the Cure's Robert Smith. Tracks are Heatseeking, Never Said, Shooting Through, Down, Your Call, and So You.
(Sept 1997 Release on CD) Out of Stock.
" NOW AVAILABLE ON DOLPHIN album "Bring It All Down" CD' CD

Throw - Rememory
An album of material from this Christchurch ensemble, Rememory contains 10 slices of excellently crafted guitar pop featuring the vocal talents of Cinematic's Jeremy Taylor as well as instrumentation from Rob Mayes and Steve Birss both of Dolphin fame.
"Sheer brilliance - a barely restrained mania inside their brittle pop shell, all of which creates a sound where the inherent tensions of Throw's music are only just held in check. A brilliant band getting better" Mike Houlahan (Evening Post - Wellington NZ). Tracks are: Wishes From Her Heart, Falling Inside Me, Honeyblonde, All Different Things, Nowhere Near, Turn to Blue, Blinder, Away, Fragile, Rememory.
Out of Stock. Check the Failsafe Bandcamp page for a 2021 remastered collection.

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Dolphin - Out Of Hand
Out Of Hand
The long awaited album from Christchurch purveyors of guitar music. Dolphin had great success in the late 80s and early 90s with a series of three successful EPs and a style of music ahead of it's time. 1995 sees the band reactivate and Out Of Hand with it's full-on guitar attack of strong melodic songs sees a continuation and honing of that theme with an album of current and cutting edge songs. The band performed select live shows and recorded new material in May 95. Tracks are - Finally Think It's Time, Tell You Tomorrow, No Question, Blood And Sweat, Miss, On My Mind, No Reply, The Things You Want, Turn Around, Down On The Floor, Piece Of Your Time.
(April 1995 release on CD and Cassette).
Currently unavailable. Stay tuned for a remixed edition in 2022.
Dolphin - Finally Think It's Time
Finally Think It's Time
The companion piece to the Out Of Hand Album, Finally Think It's Time is the straight-up Pop side to Dolphin and this mini album showcases the accessible pop alter-ego to the rock of Out Of Hand. Yes you do need both and this mini album is included as a bonus CD with the Out Of Hand album for a limited time. Get the full picture.
Tracks are - This Deception, Out Of Hand, Christchurch Wintertime, Will I Ever See You Again, Undone, F Dream, The Things You Want Too.

The Holy Toledos - I Confess
I Confess
Four track EP from this Christchurch five piece comprising three guitars, bass, and drums. Straight up melodic based almost indie guitar pop, well written in the tradition of the Byrds and the Beatles but in a 90s context. This EP is the forerunner to the Toledos LP Forget And Forgive, and contains 2 tracks unavailable on the album. Contains - I Confess, I Can't Wait, See-Saw, and Heaven Wait.
(May 1991 Vinyl).
Note the tracks on this release will be available on an upcoming collected works release in 2019-2020. Check the Failsafe Bandcamp page soon.

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