Aproximate time period - 1981 - 1983
Ground-breaking Christchurch 3 piece, exponents of melodic tinged rock, sort of New Wave for the time.
The Newtones featured Tony Peak on guitar and vocals, Mark Brooks on bass and vocals and Graeme Van Der Colk on drums, replaced by another drummer later on.
The band were included on the Propeller "Class Of 81" compilation with 'New Way' and then self-released a 4 track 7" "Paint The Town Red" including band postcard, followed by another 7" "My World".
Accident Compilation also includes another track from the "My World" sessions "All Over The World".
The band were a popular fixture of the local live scene with a few impressive guitar pieces that never made it to tape, such as the sonically impressive instrumental "4 Ships", of which no known recording exist..
The band eventually disbanded with Peak embarking on a career as an influential DJ and nightclub entrepreneur pioneering the local club scene and introducing many to New UK sounds.
Brooks eventually formed the Whiteboys who controversially won the influential 1985 Christchurch Battle Of The Bands up against many of Christchurch's finest. The Whiteboys also featured future Dolphin member Kevin Stokes on guitar, and Steve Birss on drums.

"Accident Compilation" - Various Artists (song All Over The World)


"New Way"

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