Semi Lemon KolaAuckland-based outfit started their time at the end of the eighties with a post shoegazey British sound.

The band featured:
Tosh Graham - Vocals
Rob Young - Bass
Deryck Hunt - Drums
Gareth Price - Guitar

The band have stuck pretty strongly together and developed their sound progressively over the years.

They self-released a cassette in 1994 and went on to release a couple of singles with a proper label, moving through the heavy guitar thang.
The band changed their name to Propeller and added a second guitarist to the line-up, making their sound a much more solid and melody-driven affair. Their sound as of the end of 1998 was focussed powered pop. Quite good actually.
They have recently self released a 12 track EP of out-takes from their recent recordings. The band have quite a few recording sessions of their material throughout their career which have never seen the light of day, some of them lost classics.
The track "Happy Day" their contribution to the Good Things album was probably the band at their more poppy, there is a dark overtone to their melodic sound, an often appealing mix.


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