One of the most underrated of all the underrated bands on the Flying Nun Label. Their recorded work never matched their live appeal. They oozed attitude and were overflowing with interesting and cool songs.
The band featured the twin front of Wayne Elsey - Guitar / Vocals, and Jeff Batts - Bass / Vocals. Graeme Anderson played drums.
Wayne and Jeff had a sarcastic cheeky persona, and sneery upfront vocals. Their music was inventive with Batts playing lots of the melody lines in bass chords, and Elsey delivering shards of guitar, ultra treble.

"Route 69" was taken from a live recording at a University of Canterbury orientation festival. It probably isn't a very good representation of the band either, but does highlight the band's ability to take songs to a trance-like state.
The ultimate example of this was their live favourite "Fad World", which made it to vinyl in a much muted state on the Flying Nun "Another Disc Another Dollar" EP.
I specifically recall experiencing this track in a full 15 minute version at the Punikiki rock festival on the West Coast of New Zealand. This particular version weaved its way through wave after wave of mesmerising sounds care of Mr Elsey while Batts and Anderson kept the groove going. Pure magic.
The band also appear on The Dunedin Double EP through Flying Nun. Elsey went on to the Double Happys with Shane Carter, before dying in a train accident.
Batts went to The Pterodactyls, having previously been in the Bored Games with Carter.

"Biding Our Time" - Various Artists (song Route 69)


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