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KimoKimo are a collabortaive music project centred around the the guitar, keyboards and voice of David Mulcahy (ex JPSE, Superette, and currently mulchzoid) and the production, guitar, keyboards and bass Rob Mayes (Throw, Springloader, Dolphin & Failsafe head honcho) with an ever expanding crew of talent contributing their skills including Namiko Iwamoto (escalade jp) - vocals, Michael Daly - Drums (Renderers, Leadleg and YFC), and Mark Roberts - Guitar and Vocals (Enright house)

Upon catching David performing solo at his only Chch gig in 3 years Rob suggested David come into his studio to lay some songs down to relieve the creative boredom and stop the waste of some damn fine songs.

Rob also invited his favourite locally resident drummer Michael Daly, who had also been absent from making music, and after the first run through David moved the whole shebang toward a more collaborative project & Eskimo was born.

David Mulcahy from the magnificent Jean Paul Sartre Experience (also featuring members of Stereo Bus, Dimmer, & Lanky), & the sonic Superette (who contributed 2 standout tracks to the 'Topless Women Talk About Their Lives' soundtrack) was raring to go on a new project after hibernating for a couple of years in Christchurch. David's last recording outing was the subdued & sublime solo album 'Oddy Knocky' which highlighted David's melancholic & museful side, continuing his lyrical themes of love & loss. David also two-times Eskimo with his Auckland based 'other' band Spider, so prolific is probably an understatement. Recording history: J.P.S.E-ep, Love Songs, The Size Of Food, Bleeding Star albums, SUPERETTE-Rosepig ep, Tiger album, SOLO-Oddy Knocky album, SPIDER Concorde single.

Michael Daly was one third of Christchurch art rock legend YFC, who had to abbreviate their name from the cheekily named Youth for Christ after the actual Youth For Christ (Inc.) took exception that three less than reverent youths had taken their moniker & produced such dark & brooding material. The band consisted of Michael's inventive & solid drumming & 2 basses, & no, count em, zero guitars, which made for rhythmic & pulsing soundscapes. YFC released one critically-acclaimed 6 track ep before migrating to Sydney, where the band split into two parts, Michael being in both Leadleg & This Cage as well as other Australian based acts such as Dwarfthrower & the stilt walking theatre troupe Stalker, showing that good drummers are an in demand commodity. Michael returned to NZ in 2000 & proceeded to waste his drumming talents until Eskimo snapped him up. Recording history: YFC - Between Two Thieves album, LEADLEG - Salt ep, DWARFTHROWER - Self-titled album.

Rob Mayes has been making music almost as long as David starting with indie rock three piece dolphin, and then onto indie pop mega three piece Throw followed by sonic rock 4 piece Springloader before leaving for foreign shores with a reactivated 'dolphin', who made it all the way to London, & toured the east coast of America to boot. Returning to NZ, Rob concentrated on his day job recording music, championing the odd pet project, notably sonic dream pop instrumentalists 'Substandard' & currently Australian based 'Degrees K', along with various orchestral projects. Rob also runs the indie label Failsafe Records, which released many a local indie-rock legend including Loves Ugly Children, Degrees K, Substandard & Squirm. Recording history: DOLPHIN - Hold Touch ep, Promise ep, Anything At All ep, Out Of Hand & Finally Think It's Time albums, THROW - All Different Things ep, Rememory album, SPRINGLOADER - Just Like Falling album, DELPHY - heakseeking ep, Bring it all Down album.

Eskimo proudly announce the delivery of their excellent debut album 'Loverbatim', formed in avalanche conditions from the distilled entrails of pop rock & art musings of some quite fine music crafts-people. The Album consists of 11 finely constructed rock songs of the indie guitar variety, sprinkled with hooky melodies & keyboards, all underpinned by rock solid propulsive drumming.

"Bold Stuff, Highly Recommended. 11 High Voltage tracks" (4.5 stars)
NZ Herald 30/10/04
GUITARIST-VOCALIST Dave Mulcahy gave JPS Experience its lumbering aggressive streak, and it served him pretty well too through a fine single album with Superette and a DIY solo effort.
Now he’s back at full volume as one third of Eskimo, which teams him with bassist Rob Mayes (head of long time Christchurch guitar label Failsafe) and drummer Michael Daly.
Loverbatim starts out as infectious fuzz pop, big on dreamy melodies, airy choruses and loopy pop hooks. It’s an album that begins relatively friendly on the fuzzpop firecracker Evergreen then gets neatly nastier through its 11 high-voltage tracks.
There is a sub-metal streak around the centre of the album with the likes of Arrow, Smile and Kill the Phone, and others sounding like they could have picked up where the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, and Billy Corgan’s subsequent Zwan left off.
On Kiss Telly and the gentle finale Cul De Sac they aren’t too far away from that other branch of this band’s family tree, the Stereo bus, while From America With Love waves it’s anti-US protest banner over a Lennonesque vocal and major guitar chug loud enough to suggest they should change their name to Shihad.
Bold stuff and highly recommended. Russell Baillie

"Beautifully unassuming & catchy from the very 1st track" (4 stars) Jane Yee, Rip It Up
The world of New Zealand pop is an ever-changing beast, but look hard enough & you’ll find gems like this. Loverbatim is a perfect example of guitar pop (with a sprinkling of rock) at its finest – beautifully unassuming & catchy right from the very first track.
This record was always going to be something worth checking out as the new project of frontman David Mulcahy of Suprette and Jean Paul Sartre Experience fame. He’s joined by Failsafe Records boss Rob Mayes, & Michael Daly (ex Leadleg and YFC) and the combination is a success. Across the album you’ll find tunes about love, life, & politics, but it’s the love songs that stand out.
Opening track ‘Evergreen’ instantly draws you in with its cute melody and sweet lyrics, & it’s followed up by the superbly charming ‘Summerlite’.
Further on, the album gets a little grittier, the guitars a little heavier, & the vocals a little darker, but the overall appeal carries throughout.
Loverbatim makes for great summer listening; delightful in its simplicity with an engaging honesty that completes the pop package. If you’re a sucker for a good melody, this album’s for you.
Jane Yee, Rip It Up

Lead track and latest single Evergreen mines hook laden pop territory and throws in a little Phil Spector 2/4 pop chorus to boot.
Track 2 Summerlite is the full band version of this song which appeared on the Arch Hill Compilation as a solo Mulcahy number.
Arrow is the last single and soon to be accompanied by a David Mulcahy video.
From America With Love takes the album into darker drone rock territory with its topical message of a plead for sanity in an insane world, a trade mark Mulcahy lyrical theme.
Kiss Telly snaps back into some hooky rock with a theme of the consumablity of disaster when its packaged nicely on a TV set.
Dirty Mind plays in moody Cure territory before the album takes a sharp left turn with four gritty rock numbers: The detachment of lust - Smile, an ode to laziness - Kill The Phone, anti political rant of 5:05, and the raw first Eskimo single Twisted Fruit, before rounding off with the lush and sweet Cul De Sac.

Eskimo, now known as Kimo, plan to release their second album in 2007.

Eskimo - Loverbatim "Loverbatim" album
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